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Champion Cloud Services Demo Changes Game

Posted by brennels on December 22, 2009

Being this close to the holidays the last thing you are looking forward to is another meeting, product review or demonstration. However, I was invited to participate in the latest Cloud Services Demo from Champion Solutions Group and was blown away at what they have developed and one of the best examples of Cloud Recovery I have seen YTD. It was just a few weeks ago that Champion Solutions Group announced that they were launching a cloud services division and was amazed at how much they have simplified the process.

The Champion Cloud Services team has set up an intuitive interface to the Terremark Cloud IaaS Solution which allows virtual machines to be easily created, brought online or taken offline with a simple click of the mouse. First you create a rackspace and then you can populate it with specific identified servers. Then you can choose the number of processors or processing power required, amount of memory and storage you think you will use and are only charged for that use not what has been allocated. The other nice feature which is common with many WAN infrastructures but the first time I have seen this feature used with cloud computing is the ability to enable bursting. Enabling bursting allows that virtual machine to allocate more processing, memory or storage for the time period required like at the end of a month or quarter. I can see this being a big selling feature to companies who have end of year processing that requires more compute power than less busy times of the year.

The Campion Cloud Services Demo certainly seems like a game changer in the adoption of cloud computing and building disaster recovery data centers on the fly.

Champion Cloud Services is hosting a live webinar to answer questions about their solution on Tuesday January 19th 2010 and certainly worth the look.
Cloud Computing ‘Next Practices’: Utilizing the Cloud for Disaster Recovery

OVERVIEW: Traditionally, the challenge company’s face in Disaster Recovery (DR) planning is that it has been complex and costly. The cloud can remove many of the barriers to solid DR planning. Cloud Computing is a component of Champion’s strategy to design and implement a holistic approach to consumptive computing, virtualization, and next practices across the enterprise. Champion Cloud Services can help you explore how to leverage Cloud computing as another means for your DR strategy.

  • Serve as an important foundation of a rapid recovery, low data loss DR solution
  • Help you rapidly recover into the cloud without paying to run an entirely redundant data center
  • Eliminate capital outlays (no CAPEX)
  • Enable a “Resources on Demand” approach where you pay for the resources (processor, memory, storage) as you need them



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